Québec City, eh?


Before visiting Québec City, I had only been to Canada once. It was a family trip and I was pretty young, so I don’t remember much about our trip to Niagara Falls. As an adult, it seemed only fitting to revisit Canada, this time seeking out Québec City. My boyfriend and I spent a handful of days in this charming French-influenced city.

While there were a whole host of things I loved about my time in Québec City, there were three experiences in particular that made my time there especially memorable.

Montmorency Falls

A short fifteen-minute ride from Québec City lives Montmorency Falls. This huge waterfall is absolutely spectacular to see in person. We were not lucky enough to visit on a bright and sunny day, but the view was nonetheless beautiful.

When we first got to the falls, we walked up the pedestrian path and across a bridge. From the top, it was incredible to see the magnificent height of it all. The water cascaded down in a powerful rush and the view from above was indescribable.

Once at the top, we took a cable car ride back down to the bottom, which gave us a very different perspective of the falls. We were slowly lowered down, reaching the ground where we got some great photos!

Crepes, Poutine, & More

My second favorite part of vacationing in Québec City was indulging in the food. Poutine, was naturally, a must. I lost track of how many times my boyfriend and I ordered poutine. We had to try this Canadian delicacy at nearly every place it was sold – which was a lot! We rated the poutine, judging which places had the best fries, tastiest gravy, and most decadent cheese curds.

Poutine aside, I really enjoyed the crepes. At one restaurant, I had a crepe with berries and powdered sugar. At another, I ordered crepes with fruit and syrup. Crepes are so delicious and you can pair almost any topping with them. It was a very tasty breakfast choice during our visit.

A final staple we enjoyed during our stay was at the bakery where we picked up flavorful macaroons. We picked out an assortment of fruit and chocolate macaroons that were sweet and savory. The macaroons, like everything else we tasted while in Canada, made our trip extra enjoyable.

Caricature Time

Last, but certainly not least, my favorite part of our time in Québec City was when we decided to get a caricature done of ourselves. My boyfriend, Jacob, and I were walking by the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac when we spotted an artist selling caricatures under a tent. We could not pass up the opportunity to buy a little keepsake of our time in the city.

It was really fun to sit down and watch the artist get to work. He started by drawing me, really exaggerating my hair and eyes. Jacob sat down next and the artist got a good laugh as he drew ridiculously large muscles on Jacob’s cartoon figure. It was by far the best souvenir we could have brought home. Now? It’s framed and hanging up in our house and we still absolutely love it!

Québec City – Yay or Nay?

Overall, I had a really wonderful time in Québec City! I would definitely visit again. While walking around the city I sometimes felt like I was back in France because Québec City has French roots. We did so many fun things, including taking a ferry ride around the St. Lawrence River, driving out to visit the Aquarium du Québec, and checking out a museum where we watched a brief show on the history of Québec City. In only a few short days, Jacob and I saw quite a bit of Québec City and had a trip to remember forever!

Rachael Tulipano