Let's Get Lost...In A Gorge

White Mountains 098.jpg

Open May through October, Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves is a lovely place to be to enjoy the outdoors while participating in a fun activity. My boyfriend, Jacob, and I visited on a hot summer day while driving through New Hampshire’s vast White Mountain range. It was the perfect day to hike through the lush greenery of the gorge, dipping into various boulder caves.

Here is what we discovered during our time at Lost River:

Dress for the Outdoors

It probably goes without saying that appropriate footwear and clothing are important to consider when planning for an outdoor activity. I recommend comfortable sneakers and athletic wear. Jacob was comfortable in a light t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers whereas I opted for shorts, a top, and sneakers. I wore my hair up as soon as we started to break a sweat. It got quite humid as the day went on!

Pack the Essentials

Sunblock and bug spray were absolute musts in the mountains. The sun was hot and beat down on us all day long. Mosquitos were very prevalent and I tend to attract the little nuisances quite easily. Jacob was smart to bring a backpack with us, which we packed with sunscreen and bug repellant. We also brought a large water bottle. Hydration is key, and it came in handy all throughout the day.

Know Your Limits

Climbing through the boulder caves was fun for me on the wider caves, but the narrower the boulder caves got, the less I enjoyed crawling inside. I felt quite claustrophobic in certain circumstances and ended up needing to tap out. Jacob went on without me and had a great time. All in all, I would suggest climbing inside if you feel comfortable to, but do not feel pressured.

Enjoy the Experience

Despite a slight moment of claustrophobia, I had a really nice time at Lost River. Walking through the gorge, seeing the sites, and exploring dark caves made this experience worthwhile. The drive to and from Lost River was equally as beautiful as the gorge itself. We made several pit stops to walk around and sightsee before heading to our destination. I highly recommend Lost River as a day trip for anyone in New England.

Rachael Tulipano